Popular Instagram Model CATCHES Man Allegedly ‘Creep’ Filming Her Butt!!


A popular IG model released a video yesterday that she claims shows a man trying to film her butt inside Walmart. The woman, Rakendra Tashae, was shopping at Walmart with her daughter, when she claims that a man came behind her and started filming her from behind.


Rakendra then pulled out her own phone an started filming the man, whom she claims was secretly filming her. The man initially justified his actions, by explaining to the gorgeous model that he was “doing it for the approach.”

When Rakendra questioned the man further, he took off running. Watch.

In case you’re wondering, this is what Rakendra looks like:

Creepshot videos are becoming a bigger and bigger problem, now that social media his growing at an amazing pace. A creepshot refers to a photo taken by a man of a woman or girl in public without her consent. 

Creepshots typically focus on a woman’s backside, legs, or cleavage – and often times they are uploaded online and shared.