Skynews Nigeria

Skynews Nigeria August 11, 2020

By Hyacinth Ogbu Worldwide, the Army traditionally plays the role of securing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nations. Excitingly, in Nigeria, the Army has gone a notch higher by establishing its imprimatur as a strong agent of development through the provision of awful and charming infrastructural facilities and social amenities to various communities in […]

Skynews Nigeria August 10, 2020

By Pita Agbese No insurgent group can operate for long by relying exclusively on its own resources. To operate beyond a few weeks, an insurgent group requires external resources such as money, territory, weapons, intelligence, materiel, and new recruits. It may also need ideological support derived from common ethnic, religious or regional identities. These resources […]

Skynews Nigeria August 10, 2020

By Adamu Bulama The recent appointment of the governor of Borno State, Prof Babagana Zulum as the Chairman of the newly created North East Governors Forum is indeed a welcome development. It can only be hoped that the vision behind the creation of the forum is achieved given the security challenges in North-East Nigeria. I […]

Skynews Nigeria August 9, 2020

By Maxwell Ogala The name Bulama Bukarti should ordinarily be viewed as an intellectual, a security analyst and a public policy expert. At least that is what his twitter bio says about him. But there is more that I think Nigerians need to know with regards to the festering of the Boko Haram war in […]