9 Simple Ways Men Show Love Without Saying It


Ways he shows he loves you without saying it and ways on how to get him to say I love you because When it comes to the level of openness and honesty, it’s scarce that the man is the one who is leading that front in the relationship. A lot of the time, the woman is the one who is doing more for the level of communication between two people. Men tend to be more physical than they are verbal with how they like to express themselves, especially in relationships typically.

Men mostly like to stay quiet unless they know that they HAVE to say something. And that can be very frustrating on your part as the girlfriend. You want to be able to tell what your man is thinking and how he is feeling. But you can’t do so unless he chose to open up to you – which is something that happens rarely.

But alas, you’re not a mind-reader. You are just going to have to be content with not knowing whether your man loves you or not, or do you?

Your guy isn’t necessarily going to be very vocal about what he feels. That’s a given, and that’s okay. He doesn’t necessarily have to be saying that he loves you for you to know whether his feelings for you are real or not. You have to pay attention to his body language and the way that he conducts himself in your relationship. You can tell a lot about a man based on his actions and not his words. There are so many deceitful men out there who are so quick to say that they love you and yet don’t anything to back that up. So choose to be with a guy who SHOWS you that he loves you, not just someone content with merely saying it.

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1. He listens to you when you talk.

He pays attention to you. He always gives you a safe outlet to express yourself. He always makes it a point to hear you out and validate your opinions.

2. He texts you randomly to keep you updated.

He always tries to check up on you whenever the two of you aren’t together. He wants to make you feel like he’s still thinking about you even when you’re not physically present in each other’s lives. He always wants to make you feel included in his daily life.

3. He looks at you as if you’re the only girl in the world.

Whenever he looks at you, you always get the feeling like he’s looking at the only girl who exists in the world. He makes you feel with his eyes just how serious he is about being with you. He wants you to know that he has eyes for no one else but you.

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4. He tries to spend as much time with you as possible.

He may have other things going on in his life, but he always makes it a point to spend lots of time with you. He wants you to know just how important you are to him. He understands that time is the single most valuable thing he could ever give you.

5. He allows himself to be vulnerable to you.

He understands that the bulk of being able to make a relationship work is trust. And he wants you to be able to trust him since he loves you so much. The only way he knows how to make you trust him is if he lets his true self out – and sometimes, that can mean putting himself in a position of vulnerability.

6. He makes an effort to get closer to you.

He is always making a genuine effort to get closer to you. He wants to be bridging whatever gaps exist between the two of you. He knows that the key to a successful relationship is intimacy. And that’s why he always wants to be connecting with you in whatever means possible.

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7. He pays attention to the little things.

He pays attention to the little things in the relationship. Even the things that you might deem insignificant, he tries his best to take note of them. It’s his way of making sure that you don’t feel like he is taking you for granted.

8. He talks about the future with you.

He takes the time to discuss the future with you. He wants to show you that whatever the two of you have together isn’t something temporary. He wants to show you that he’s taking you seriously and that he sees you as more than just a fling.

9. He makes you feel like an absolute priority.

There are so many things going on in his life. There are plenty of items that require his attention. However, he always makes it a point to make sure that you feel like an absolute priority to him. He doesn’t want to make you feel small or insignificant.