3 Types of F**k Boys You Don’t Want to End up With


If a tear-less, mutually-beneficial relationship is what you crave, here are three breeds of f—boys you need to steer clear of by all means.

There are guys to date, fall in love with, guys to dream of a life with, end up marrying and doing all the sweet fairytale stuff with… and on the other hand, there are guys you run very far away from.

F—boys, players, demons, etc. Regardless of what you know them as, you can’t afford to seek a serious relationship with these types of guys because there’s bound to be tears somewhere down the line.

So if a tear-less, painless, mutually-beneficial relationship with a potential future is what you crave, here are three breeds of f—boys you need to steer clear of by all means.

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1. The Ghost

This type of guy breezes into your life with so much energy that he instantaneously knocks you off your feet [in a sweet way, of course]. He turns you on, excites your mind, lights your body on fire with something as simple as a smile.

The attraction you’ll feel with this guy will be such a powerful force, almost blinding. It’ll be mindblowing, but it won’t last. It never does with this kind of guy, and what makes it extremely terrible is how he’ll get out of it.

He’ll just be gone like that – as suddenly as he came. No announcements, no goodbyes. Nothing.

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2. The coded booty call

Instead of stating plainly that all he wants is sex and nothing more, this is the guy who would rather make it look like he wants more. He sells you fake dreams and phony promises just to keep getting the good-good until he no longer wants it.

He’s a f—boy, and he’s scum plainly because he dishonestly exploits women who would only engage in sex as a relationship benefits to someone they feel mentally and emotionally connected to.

3. Commitment-shy guy

This is the one that knows he won’t love you back but leads you on with relationship things. He’s so convincing at it that it feels real. He manipulates you all the while, knowing he has no love to give. In time, this situationship feels like a real relationship. You might be finding yourself making him meals, relating with him as a girlfriend, doing girlfriend things with him egging you on, despite knowing he has other plans that do not involve you.

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The difference between him and the coded booty call guy is that while the latter is more about the sex, he robs you of a lot more. He’s actually kinda worse.