wahooo this ladys a ss is so big that its heavy for her to wiggle video

Wahooo! This lady’s a.ss is so big that it’s heavy for her to wiggle (Video)

This pretty lady has got massive backside, which she’s proud about. She flaunts the b00ty on cam with her wiggling.

It is noticed that the b00ty is so heavy for the s.exy lady. This can be seen from her twerking.

Due to the massiveness and thickness of the b00ty, it becomes heavy for the lady to lift. It made her uncomfortable, and she did the twerking with no much ease.

A saying goes that “too much of everything is bad.” Can this be the bad effect of having big as.s?

Netizens have given some answers to this question. They state that there are no negative effects of having a big b00ty, and big b00ty is a blessing to humanity.

They expressed their satisfaction with what they saw. One emphatically said he’s blessed for seeing the big b00ty and wished he could marry a lady with massive as.s.

Watch the video HERE

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