angry lady rejects boyfriends car proposal in public says its just 1 month relationship video

Angry lady rejects boyfriend’s car proposal in public, says it’s just 1 month relationship (Video)

Angry lady rejects boyfriend’s car proposal in public.
A beautiful Nigerian lady has angrily rejected her boyfriend’s marriage proposal with car in public.

In a video making the rounds online, the young lady stated that she can not accept the car proposal because their relationship is still early.

While raging her anger at her boyfriend, who knelt on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand, She made it clear that their relationship is just one month.

The video showed that some ladies, presumed to be her friends, pleaded with her to accept the proposal but she turned deaf ears.

The pretty lady walked out of the proposal scene as she left her boyfriend on his knees.

People, who had already expressed their excitement , ended up disappointed as they also left the scene with sad face.

The boyfriend also left sadly with the car he intended to use to propose with his lover.

Watch the video HERE

Social media users found it hard to believe as they claimed that the proposal video was acted. Some reacted in funny ways.

Reactions generated are shown below:

jamsrock_ said, “When he be real na still cruise chaii”.

officialolachasexx said, “Just continue playing😂😂 na sacrifice dey go later carry cus of some ladies before seeing husband”.

omobolaji_ said, “With that car ? 😂 I trust my Nigeria girls”.

cutefaeren said, “One month relationship 😢😂😂😂😂😂 Kia my Jen Z generation”.

j.e.d.i.n.m.a said, “If this things are not scripted then i really don’t get why the girls gotta be rude? Like ma’am just handle d situation reasonably,if you even have any care for that person you would try to protect that person from embarrassment nd manage d situation except he’s being stubborn nd really wants a scene then u can just quietly walk away,what’s all this drama????”

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