57 year old woman caught in troski playing aviator with funeral donation video

57-year-old woman caught in Troski playing Aviator with funeral donation – Video

People on social media are talking about an old woman from Ghana who was caught on camera playing the popular sports b3tting game Aviator in a Trotro.

In the video, the elderly woman in funeral clothes can be seen fidgeting with her phone while she is sitting in a trotro.

The screen on her phone showed that she had gambled away a lot of the money that people thought she had saved for a funeral contribution.

The Aviator is an innovative type of social multiplayer game that consists of a rising curve that has the potential to crash at any point. At the beginning of each round, a new scale of multipliers is initiated.

You have the opportunity to win money in the Aviator game by placing b3ts on odds that increase all the way up to x100. You have a chance to earn 1,000 ghc virtually instantly with only a single bet of one ghc.

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