top african female celebrities who bleached their skin see their before and after photos

Top African Female Celebrities Who Bleached Their Skin, See Their Before And After Photos

It is common knowledge that colourism is still quite prevalent in our culture, and it is well known that those in the entertainment sector place a premium on those with lighter skin tones. To improve their chances of landing major roles, some celebrities have gone so far as to bleach their skin. This is a very unfortunate trend that has emerged as a result of this misconception.

One may conclude that bleaching is a prevalent practise in the country and that people utilise it as a technique to enhance or change their appearance. There have been a number of famous people who have done it, and we are eager to notice it. However, we still admire all of the melanin females out there, and everyone else is free to do whatever they feel is most comfortable for them.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo is a well-known celebrity from South Africa who has been quite open and honest about the fact that she has had her skin lightened. The musician who has won multiple Grammy Awards has previously disclosed on Instagram that she uses skin lightening pills and creams, with glutathione serving as her primary prescription of choice.

Even if we are unsure whether the bleaching is safe for Kelly Khumalo, we believe that the fact that she is comfortable with it is the most essential thing.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau is one of those women who do not feel the need to apologise for the decisions they have made, and she is also one of the South African celebrities whose skin has been lightened. Because the actress prefers to have a lighter skin tone than the one she was born with but did not inherit, she made the decision to bleach her skin herself, and so far, it appears to be working out for her.

Khanyi Mbau has gone to the extreme of publicly disclosing the amount of money that she spends each month on efforts to lighten her complexion. The well-known public figure has received more than her fair share of criticism from the general public as a direct result of her conduct; yet, because she has a thick skin, she does not in the slightest degree regret her choice.

Vera Sidika

Since her cameo in P-You Unit’s Guy video, she has gone from being mostly known as a video vixen to a star in the mainstream, making her one of the very few celebrities to have achieved this feat. Vera Sidika has admitted in the past that she had had her skin bleached, and that doing so did not come without a financial cost. She built her business empire on the back of her status as a celebrity while giving high-end parties, which may be the return on investment that she garnered from bleaching her skin.

Toke Makinwa

Broadcaster and personality on television Toke Makinwa is another well-known star who has been open and honest about the process of whitening her complexion. She admitted in her book On Becoming that she began bleaching her skin because she was under the impression that her ex-husband had a preference for women with lighter complexions. The change can not be ignored, and Toke, who is also a blogger, takes full responsibility for her bleaching and does not give a damn about what other people have to say about it.

The stylish woman does not try to hide the fact that she has had plastic surgery in order to get her desirable body shape. She is a brave woman who does not have any patience for those who disapprove of her choices.