Insurance agents: How to handle rebuttals to those who say they can’t afford insurance

As an insurance agent selling policies, don’t be afraid of the no. Soft approach is cool. You are bound to meet with different and several people with different approaches to life. However, there are simple ways to sell policies to even the stingiest person in the world.

The biggest problem with agents is they don’t know how to create value and paint a picture of value.

You need to convince your clients of the value of the policy you are advertising. People pay more when they understand the purpose and value of the product. It’s not about the price.

Here are tips to get clients say a yes to the insurance policy you are marketing.

First, do a financial inventory with each client so when they’re trying to give you the  ‘I can’t afford it’ response, circle back around to the financial inventory.

Second, you should know before going into pricing that it’s within budget. Only recommend what fits comfortably in the budget. By the time you get to the quotes, there are no surprises. Get small approvals along the way.

Third,  if you have their spending history, see how much they spend on coffee, beer, cigarettes. Show they can afford it and are choosing not to.

Fourth, you have to try to put them in a position where they say their budget before you get to the price. Try closing on that number (whatever it is) for those people, alternately you can do a budget with them and get them to say the number but they had better really like you for that approach.

Conclusively, you have to teach them the importance of life insurance. If they say they can’t afford life insurance then ask them how they will afford laying one of their loved ones to rest.