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Here are quick tips to make leads as new insurance agent

Are you a newbie in the insurance industry? Did you just get a licence but confused on how to get leads to convert to business? Fear no more.
Here are quick tips to make leads as an insurance agent.
First, the easiest lead source is social media. Post a couple educational posts across all platforms. Remember to educate and not to sell. The sit down is made for the sales process. Make identical posts in each social media platform. One post can net you 6-7 opportunities. If you do a video keep it short 3-8 mins, if it’s a short 1 mins video even better. Peoples attention rates are extremely low in this new digital world.
Secondly, referrals are the way to go. Before leaving your appointments always ask is there anyone you know that needs my help. Start off with warm market and training appointments. A person is more welcoming when you tell them it’s no obligation.
Third, You could buy aged leads. The quality may not be ideal, but agents have written tons of policies using them if they’re willing to hustle and if their sales skills was on point.
Fourth, if you are an extrovert and enjoy meeting new people, you can do vendor fairs and community events.
Fifth, There is no shortcut, you’re either going to invest time or invest money to get started.

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