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Why Some People Are Successful In Life Insurance While Others Fail Miserably

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It’s not life insurance alone… it’s life in general. Some people are successful and some are not. It’s up to the individual to do whatever it takes to succeed.
One thing we must have in mind is: Insurance is a career not a get quick rich overnight gig. Many agents have opted out of the industry for one reason or the other. This article will x-ray why some insurance agents are successful while others are not.
First, Most people don’t like sales and can’t handle rejection. It’s the same in the Real Estate world.
Second, A lot of people are scared of work. They make excuses for themselves which makes it easier to let themselves off the hook.
Third, Lack of grit. many agents expect to be the best in 30 days, then they give up when the results aren’t fast enough.
Fourth, More people failed worrying about product knowledge than suffer from lack of it.
Fifth, There are people who want to put in the work, and there are people who don’t. Some people are great self starters, motivated by their success, others just want a time clock. It all starts in the mind.
Sixth, The entire art of sales. Prospecting, Questioning, Presentation, Close.
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