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Insurance: Tips for new agents struggling to make sales

Did you just get hired by an insurance firm, and you are struggling to meet up with sales and deadlines? Fear no more. This article will guide you on how to easily sell insurance to clients.
Here are some tips.
Get plenty of training on YouTube.
Also, you would need a mentor. That should be your up-line. They should be helping you in person, messaging, phone calls, etc.
You need personal 1-on-1 contact until you are comfortable enough to do it by yourself!
The more conversations you can have the more sales you will make. Build relationships and trust the $ will follow.
Ask your friends and family members to be your clients and ask them for referrals to call. Remember that the easiest market is the hot market. Ask them to be your first appointments even if you sell them a 10 year term plan get your feet wet and continue to learn about insurance.

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