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There important things pet insurance does not cover

When it comes to pet insurance, we know that it is definitely worth the expense because of what it provides in terms of coverage (especially when something unexpected happens). But what do you know about pet insurance? And do you know what isn’t covered?
Thanks to Forbes Advisor, which was doing a break down of the best cities for our dogs to live in, we got a better idea of what “some common pet insurance exclusions” might include. And while different companies might offer different things, it seems that these exclusions are rather typical across the board. (In some cases, it reminds us of our own health insurance.)
So what are some of these exclusions?
What are some things that pet insurance will not cover?
  • Grooming: Getting your dog groomed might be an important part of their health and well-being, but it is not something that will be covered under pet insurance. And while there are certainly ways to save money on getting your pup’s nails trimmed or having their fur shampooed, this is not the way.
  • An experimental treatment: When it comes to getting a treatment that is not considered a standard of care because it is still in the research phase, it will unfortunately not be covered.
  • Conditions that are preexisting: Although there may be exceptions to this, it seems that preexisting conditions are not covered. “This is an injury or illness that your pet had prior to your coverage. Some plans may not permanently exclude pre-existing conditions. For example, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance will cover curable pre-existing conditions if your pet has no symptoms for 180 days (excluding knee and ligament problems). If the condition recurs after 180 days, it will be treated as a new condition.”
  • Nutritional and dietary supplements or food: With the exception of some dog foods that may be prescribed by your veterinarian, dog food and supplements are not covered by pet insurance. (And that does make sense to us based on human health insurance coverage.)
While some of these things may seem obvious, it is always important to note what a company will and will not cover. And of course, just like in many class insurance situations, there is actually a short waiting period for when you sign up and when the plan actually goes into effect.
Always do your research when signing up for a pet insurance company because it will definitely be important if something comes up early in the plan’s life. And it is always a good idea just to know what will and won’t be covered in general when comparing plans based on your dog’s potential needs.
Source: Dogoday

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