12 Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person


1.  Highly Sensitive People feel things – Big time.

Highly Sensitive People can see, sense and feel things the majority of people do not. They experience the mysterious and see beyond the human eye – which makes them extremely sensitive beings.

2.  When other people suffer, they feel their pain.

To them, there is only ONE Heart. And their heart is ONE with that of the whole world. When one being is in pain, they are in pain as well. And when another one is rejoicing, they rejoice with them.

3.  They are highly intuitive.

Highly Sensitive Beings have a strong sense of intuition. They are deeply connected with their Core and Inner Being and live their lives based on the guidance of their inner voice and intuition.

4.  Highly Sensitive People have a strong sense of Oneness.

Even though the world acts as if we are all separate from one another, Highly Sensitive People know that at the core level we are all ONE. A Highly Sensitive Being knows that at the core level we are essentially the same – ALL members of One Human Race and that there is no separation between us – except the separation we created in our minds because of our attachment to fear.

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5.  They can see deep into people’s souls. 

Highly Sensitive People don’t pay attention to the things most people pay attention – things like outward appearances, worldly successes, fine speech, glamour, etc., but rather to what’s hidden beneath the surface. 

Because they know that in order to fully know someone, you have to look beyond appearances, they look Through, not With the eye – right into the heart and soul of every being – to see What Lies Beyond.

6. Highly Sensitive People have a strong presence.

When a Highly Sensitive Person walks into a room, their presence is noticed and their energy is immediately felt. They are like a beacon of light – illuminating the darkness, bringing joy to others and healing that which needs to be healed.

7. They have the power to purify things.

Highly Sensitive People have this incredible ability to purify and cleanse the spaces around them; to make people feel better just by being in their proximity. They feel better just by being in their presence.

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They are alchemists. They bring hope to the hopeless, light to those who are in darkness, and love to those who have been living in doubt and fear for so long…

8.  They are not afraid of darkness.

Unlike most people, Highly Sensitive People don’t run away from the darkness that’s hidden within them.

On the contrary. They go bravely in the direction of the things that frighten them because they know that only by facing their darkness, they can reclaim their Light.

9.  A Highly Sensitive Person’s innocence is that of a child.

Highly Sensitive People have a pure heart and an innocent spirit. They are simple in actions and in words, and their wisdom is hidden beyond their simplicity. They are innocent but not naive; soft but not weak; simple but beyond the ordinary.

10.  They have a deep spiritual connection with Mother Earth.

Highly Sensitive Beings know that we are all part of nature and that nature is part of us. Because of the strong connection they feel with Gaia and the world around them, they understand that the imbalances present in nature are a reflection of the imbalances present within our own human nature. Thus, they do not blame anyone for what they see, except themselves.

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11.  A Highly Sensitive Person’s love encompasses everything and everyone.

Without discriminating – with their Love and Healing Presence, a Highly Sensitive Individual embodies and envelops everything and everyone – bringing joy and healing to both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the wicked and the innocent.

12.  Highly Sensitive People are called to live in Unity.

They are called to live in Unity. And through their Light, Love and Living Presence they call the whole world back into Oneness and back into Unity. And these are the 12 Signs of a Highly Sensitive Person.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, being highly sensitive isn’t a weakness, but rather a strength – a precious gift given to Some for the benefit of Many – a gift given to Humanity through to heal, enlighten and awaken all of us back to Love, and back to Life. And it is my hope that Highly Sensitive People from all over the world will find the strength, courage, and confidence to do just that.